Andrew Scott: Audition technique

By NellFrizzellIdeasTap 05/07/13

In the third and final video from the series, the award-winning actor and soon-to-be IdeasTap mentor, Andrew Scott, gives his advice on auditions, discusses not going to drama school and explains why acting is still a noble profession...

On auditions

"I think often in an audition situation what they want is to see if you are directable. Even if they like what you do, they want to see if you can do other things. That you're not a one-trick pony."

"With character work, if you go too far from yourself, it can overcomplicate things. Try just acting is as yourself - don't put any character on it."

"Sometimes by not doing anything at all, the character reveals itself."

On characters

"The art of acting is to paint your character. Like a painting, it doesn't have to look exactly like it, it's just a view of something. That's what makes is beautiful."

On drama school

"Drama school is a fake environment. In a play you might be with a hugely diverse cast - from an 80-year-old American to a Russian baby. Very few plays are about six people who are all the same age."

On acting

"The most important thing is to enjoy it. I do love acting. It doesn't really matter what stage you're on - the art of doing it is a noble thing."


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