7 audition tips for actors

7 audition tips for actors


For those applying to drama school, it’s audition season. And for you actors – when is it not audition season? Caroline Leslie, Head of Acting at LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art), shares advice…

1.  Choose a piece and a character that fascinate you.

“You can really tell when someone has chosen a piece that they connect to and auditions almost always work better if the actor has chosen something they love.” 

2.  Know your character.

“Think about exactly what your character was doing before we meet them in the audition room and consider how whatever that was might have affected them. Really get inside the mind of your character – think about what they hide and show of themselves, and how they think other people think about them.” 

3. Dress neutrally; sleep and eat well and arrive in plenty of time.  

“All pretty basic, but very important. Don’t try to be outlandish in the way you present yourself to the panel – we’re looking for outstanding acting, not an outstanding personality. Look after yourself before your audition to give yourself the opportunity to be the best actor you can.” 

4. Use your nerves.

“Everyone gets nervous. It’s something which never goes away, but it’s your job in an audition to show how you harness your nerves to bring a character to life for an audience.” 

5. Connect with the panel.

“Don’t be frightened to take a moment to make eye contact with the panel and regain your focus once you’re in the audition room. At a drama school, certainly, the panel will have seen all manner of ways in which actors focus themselves, so don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to do your best.” 

6. Listen carefully to what the panel tell you.

As well as taking a moment to focus, listen to what the panel tell you. If they ask you to stay behind a line, or to perform a certain prepared piece first, do that. Listening is such an important part of acting, so make sure you show that you understand that.” 

7. Think positively. 

“The panel is trying to help you. We want you to do well and we assume that every actor that we see is good. Your job is just to show us how good.”



Last year LAMDA auditioned 4,353 actors at centres all over the UK and abroad. If you’d like to learn more about getting the most out of your audition, take a look at LAMDA’s Audition Technique short course running this Easter.


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