Brain Wash Anthology

Brain Wash Anthology

By Nell Frizzell 23/05/12

Three months ago we entrusted the good ship Anthology over to Brain Wash, who applied with a Videodrome-inspired look at the new generation of game-changing film makers. Last week, as we ushered in their publication, Long Live the New Flesh, with a superwicked party, we caught up with Liam to talk about the process and to find out what they had planned…

It’s been an amazing learning curve.

I’ve learned all of InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere Pro from building the magazine.

Some of the work has been amazing. I’ve been so happy with the work from the IdeasTap members.

We played around with some other ideas before coming to Long Live the New Flesh and Videodrome. You need something that you’re really interested in and passionate about, because you’ve got to fill a whole magazine with that content.

We’ve probably included about 10 members of the collective in the Anthology, and at least another 10-15 from IdeasTap, through commissions, and friends and recommendations.

The films we’ll be showing at our launch party are by people we’ve spoken to and who are featured in the magazine. There’s Quarter Inch by Ian Pons Jewell about a sound recordist looking for some ambient sound, but it all goes a bit weird. There’s an octopus involved. There will be a short by Sean Conway, who has written the series Hit & and Miss for Sky Atlantic. We’re showing Bobby Yeah by Robert Morgan, which is a plasticine horror film, and we’re showing a film by Nicolos Provost called Long Live the New Flesh, for the first time outside of a gallery.

The party will be in an amazing space. It’s above the office of a film agency and is all kitted out like a real old man’s pub. And above that is a roof terrace.

There will also be live visuals, some projection mapping experiments. Richard, who’s drawn half the magazine, will be drawing on the walls. There might even be some live screenprinting.

Loads of contributors to the magazine will be there, as well as some of the film-makers. So, this is your chance to chat to them in person.


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The Brain Wash Anthology launch party was last week. Find out more about Brain Wash

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