Ideas Fund Innovators: The winners

Ideas Fund Innovators: The winners

By Becky Brewis 25/10/11

Whether they’re recreating long-lost weather fronts or making musical magnets, the winners of our latest Ideas Fund Innovators brief have impressed us with imaginative projects from across the creative disciplines. It’s our pleasure to announce the 10 winners, who will each be receiving £1,000 to bring their inventions to life…

Home Cinema

In creating a short documentary series, Niamh Riordan will be exploring homes where the virtual world of cinema and gaming has burst out of the screen to flood the domestic settings of cinema fanatics and obsessive gamers.


The Takeaway Shop

In a brilliant fusion of studio and shop, Amy Lord will be creating a community hub in Deptford for a creative montage of bookbinding, collage and local history.


My Friend Tim

Combining animation and a recorded interview with his friend Tim, animator Joseph Pelling will tell this bold story of Parkinson’s Disease and art in a two-minute short, to be shown online on IdeasTap.


Zombie Collective Collaboration Event

Definitely something to keep an eye out for, this collaborative project entered by Joely Brammer on behalf of Zombie Collective, invites emerging graphic artists to interpret and connect, showcasing designers and illustrators in a stylishly curated show with works for sale.


The Crackling Glade

Inspired by the August riots, Robert Williams’ short film promises to use poetic language and the distinctive light and atmosphere of historic Norwich to create a cinematographic cadence attuned to its subject of a fictional war on British soil.


Field Song

This collaboration between artist Harriet Bowman and musician Ben Socrates will bring sonic life to a magnetic framework of pendant metal sculptures. Using sensors to trigger pre-recorded samples, the audience’s path is translated into music before their very ears.


TOMORROW FIREWORKS WILL BE BLOOMS OF TORNADOES [ Proposal for resuscitating clouds and rainfall in the driest place on earth ] PART 1

Travelling to Antarctica, Marguerite Humeau will recreate rainfall and resuscitate clouds in valleys that have been dry for over two million years, learning from cloud experts and meteorologists the art of weather modification in creating a supernatural strategy for her extraordinary vision.


Ajimal – Childhood EP Performance

With the support of The Sage Gateshead, Francis O’Hanlon will be devising pieces of music with young musicians, creating a collective of orchestral musicians and producers from across the North East in putting together a show and a mini album on the theme of childhood.


Cirqular: Flight Installation Project

In this multi-disciplinary project, Joel Redgave will bring elements fetched from circus acts, theatre, dance and music together in an auditory and physical promenade installation on the topic of flight, rooted in Sheffield’s cultural scene.


The Middle East in Glasgow

With the assistance of The Scottish Middle Eastern Council, photographer Sarah Fishlock will create a photojournalistic piece about the lives of Middle Eastern immigrants living in Glasgow, documenting individual stories using medium format colour negative film.


Keep an eye out for more news of the winning projects and how IdeasTap members can get involved.

Do you have a great idea for a creative project but need some cash to make it happen? Apply for the current round of Innovators.

Image Catching Fire by Sneha Jayatheertha available under a CC BY 2.0 license.

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