Our impact

Over the years, we helped tens of thousands of young people to make brilliant, innovative new work, find jobs and build careers and reputations in the creative industries. We did this by working in partnership with some of the best arts organisations in the country. Here we tell the stories of just five of IdeasTap's 200,000 members and five of our 53 amazing partner organisations.

Magnum Photos

“It was so refreshing to have somebody come to you so enthusiastic about trying to help young photographers.”

Magnum's story
Rose Hendry

"IdeasTap gave me a platform to prove that I could do something bigger than I ever had before."

Rose's story
Phoebe Boswell

“IdeasTap was a beacon, and to know that light has gone out due to lack of financial backing should make us all livid.”

Phoebe's story
Souvid Datta

“I genuinely don’t think I’d be where I am now if it weren’t for IdeasTap.”

Souvid's story

“You need people from all kinds of creative disciplines to work together to make a film - IdeasTap brought them together.”

BFI's Story
Sabrina Mahfouz

"IdeasTap highlighted the importance of equal access to careers in the arts to a mainstream audience."

Sabrina's story
Writers' Centre Norwich

“Access to the creative industries will be greatly altered by the closure of IdeasTap.”

Writers' Centre Norwich's story
National Youth Theatre

“It was the most ambitious production in the National Youth Theatre’s 60 year history but with the support of IdeasTap and the talent of its network we pulled it off."

NYT's story
mac birmingham

“Without IdeasTap we would not have had exposure and access to such a range of creative hungry young people.”

Mac's story
Invertigo Theatre

“We literally wouldn't be here now without them”

Invertigo's story

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