Rose Hendry

Filmmaker, Ideas Fund Shorts winner 2012

I’m based in London now but originally from Fife and when I joined IdeasTap in 2011 I was at art school in Dundee.

One of the great things about IdeasTap is that it was UK-wide so it allowed me to get involved with the arts scene in my locale but also feel connected to London. I made friends with other Scottish filmmakers through the site and when I came down we met up. Instead of arriving in London as a new person, I had a ready-made network, people who one day I might work with.

I’ve won a few IdeasTap briefs. In 2014 my degree show film, Bird Bath, was showcased on the site and at an event as part of a 60-Second Shorts competition, and in 2012 I had a music video, The Ultra, screened at Flatpack Film Festival. But by far the biggest thing was winning Ideas Fund Shorts in 2012. At art school I’d done a series of short film vignettes, which were quite distilled – they each captured a moment. I applied to Shorts because I wanted to do something more narrative. It was a real step up in scale in terms of production.

My winning film, Stovies, is based on a short story by Alison Flett called A Wee Tatty, which follows a terminally ill man who, inspired by a feature he sees on TV about a man who writes on grains of rice, spends his last day alive writing on a potato. It’s about belief, our need to create and how we sometimes do things without quite understanding why. Stovies got nominated for awards at Underwire Film Festival and Glasgow Short Film Festival and I’m planning to release it online this year. Winning Shorts was good exposure – it helped people to know about me and want to work with me.

Stovies // Trailer from Rose Hendry on Vimeo.

I've been working regularly with a hybrid creative and production company, STV Creative. Since January 2014 I’ve been directing commercials and branded content for them. That’s been really good – kind of like my film school. In 2015 I was selected for the Scottish Film Talent Network’s New Talent Shorts Scheme, part of the BFI’s NET.WORK. Through that I’ve been developing a short film script called The Necklace, another adaptation, this time a contemporary take on a 19th century story by Guy De Maupassant. The next step is looking for funding to shoot it.  

When I got the email to say that IdeasTap was closing, I was shocked. It was such an great way for people to create stuff and network. It didn’t feel closed-off like public funding bodies can. There aren’t that many funding schemes for short film in the UK and it’s only a tiny number of people who get to go on them. IdeasTap’s short film fund was one of a kind. It will leave a gap.

IdeasTap really helped me. They gave me a platform to prove that I could do something bigger than I ever had before. Stovies is my calling card: an example of the kind of films I want to make.
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