The Artist

The Artist was our quarterly competition where we searched for a new editorial artist for IdeasMag. Applications could come from artists, illustrators, designers, photographers – or anyone whose work could be represented with a single still image. The winner then produced a new, topical piece of work every week for three months and was paid £100 per image.

The Waiting Game

Anna Hargraves

Anna Hargraves is a self-taught illustrator, cartoonist and occasional writer from the Sheffield area. Her influences include the Moomins, Kai Nielsen, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints and photographs of weird looking animals. When she’s not producing topical or satirical work she likes to relax by drawing pretty pictures of fairies and unicorns.


Lewis Bush

Lewis Bush is a photographer and writer. His photography examines disparate subjects, from civil liberties to national memory. He maintains Disphotic, a blog on photography and its intersections with history, art and journalism, and also writes for a number of other titles. Tweet him: @lewiskaybush


Pete Murgatroyd

An illustrator based in the south west, Pete graduated from Falmouth University in 2012 and is currently a member of Puck collective. Equally inspired by trash movies, cultural theory and british satire, John Carpenter vs Marshall Mcluhan vs Swift, he has been developing a hybrid style that's a cross between "Where's Wally" and comic artists like Jack Kirby. He also writes DIY music for Soft Bodies Records in between drawings.

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