Pete Murgatroyd

The Artist was our quarterly competition where we searched for a new editorial artist for IdeasMag. Applications could come from artists, illustrators, designers, photographers – or anyone whose work could be represented with a single still image. The winner then produced a new, topical piece of work every week for three months and was paid £100 per image.

The opinions expressed in The Artist do not necessarily represent those of IdeasTap.  

The Outer Limits - 11 August 2014


Boris finally revealing his intent to run for parliament; the Rosetta finally reaching the rubber duck comet; e-bola virus destroying all in its path and Wikipedia disappearing down a black hole.

Schmucks - 4 August 2014


US and UK foreign policy at its best.

Common Wealth - 29 July 2014

Common Wealth

Britannia as a desperate aging whore....Russian millionaires, a dead D-list celebrity, weapons, infanticide! All in celebration of the common wealth and the week that was.

Mantis Tropical - 21 July 2014

Mantis Tropical

Cameron's cabinet cull was an insult to women politicians - they should already be prevalent in cabinet, not regarded as a promotional tool. The heatwave came and went and Airbnb launched a new logo to public ridicule. All this in one picture, plus some sexual implications - the female mantis has sex with its mate before decapitation.

Revenge - 14 July 2014


Seeing all the celebrities accused of tax dodging was too much. The best ones being Michael Cain and the Arctic Monkey Alex Turner who've made careers out of championing working class England.

Lord of the Rings - 7 July 2014

Lord of the Rings

The news can be as surreal as a Monty Python sketch. Here's a toxic representation of the Westminster scandal, paying homage to the art of Python, Terry Gilliam and Tolkien.

Justice 4 All - 30 June 2014

Justice for all

A great week of news: Coulson became the Levison "scapegoat", Wonga got busted, Metallica headlined Glastonbury and the terrible monster Saville hit the red tops again.

The Mighty - 23 June 2014

The Mighty

In a week that saw England crash out of the World Cup and the seasonal cull of key characters from Game of Thrones, the mighty have fallen again so I drew another picture.

World Glut - 16 June 2014

World glut

Channel 4 News' report on Brazil's Underworld Cup - an alternative tournament financed by drug traffickers - was a brilliant insight into favela football and the cultural divide in Brazil. My response features gangstas, guns, football and Sepp Blatter's head!

Kapteyn B flat - 9 June 2014

Kapteyn B flat

A new habitable planet was discovered this week. Although it's twice the age of our earth, it appears to be very similar.

Wonderection - 2 June 2014


I read about the One Direction "drug scandal" on the Daily Mail website. So I just imagined I had a 1D backstage pass.

Days of Past - 27 May 2014

Day of Past

Following the European elections, and the comical gaffes the MPs were making, I noticed that the leaders all had monsterous facial features. After dividing the piece up with the X for voting, I realised there was an X-men connection – each politician has a distinguishing power, although sadly in this case none of them were for the good.

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