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Why has IdeasTap closed?

Sadly, we simply didn’t have the funding we needed to continue. We were founded by the Peter De Haan Charitable Trust and from 2008 to 2015 the trust was our principal funder. That trust is fast running out of money itself. As a result, it could no longer afford to be the principal supporter of IdeasTap. Despite extensive efforts over three years to find other significant sources of funding, we were ultimately unsuccessful in securing financial support. However, we were able to form a partnership with new creative industries network Hiive and are encouraging our members to join them to receive similar opportunities, resources, competitions, and courses to the ones we offered. In fact, we've launched more than £100,000-worth of new IdeasTap-funded opportunities on Hiive so that we can continue to help creative people even after closing our doors. 

What was done to try to save IdeasTap?

The team explored every avenue we believed possible. From trusts and foundations to government departments, the Arts Council to corporate sponsorship, on-site advertising to wealthy individuals, and much more besides. In response to the announcement that IdeasTap was to close, our members immediately got together and created the #SaveIdeasTap campaign. We were overwhelmed by the response to this; members wrote to their local MPs, to the press and made a huge noise on social media to try and find a way to save IdeasTap. As a result of this hard work by IdeasTap members, we are delighted to have come to an arrangement with Hiive, which means even though our website no longer operates, IdeasTap members can still access high quality industry advice, competitions, networking opportunities with peers and much more.

What is Hiive?

Hiive is a new professional network for creative young people powered by Creative Skillset. With a mission similar to IdeasTap’s, Hiive offers advice, networking, courses and competitions for creative professionals across advertising, graphic and interactive design, animation, VFX, filmmaking and more. In June, we agreed a partnership with Hiive to enable us to run more than £100,000-worth of IdeasTap-funded opportunities on their site over the next few months. Check out their site to find out more...

Money and prizes

Does IdeasTap still run competitions and funds?

We have worked with Hiive to offer some of our most popular competitions and funds on their site following our closure in July 2015. Our members can sign up to Hiive, create a profile and then apply for IdeasTap-funded opportunities following the Hiive guidelines.

I applied for funding/a job and have stated winning an IdeasTap award on my CV/ funding proposal. How can I prove this, now that IdeasTap doesn't exist any more?

This section of our website includes a list of the winners of some of our biggest briefs and funds since 2008. 

I've won a brief with benefits that go on beyond the July 2015 closure. Will these benefits be honoured?

Yes, we will honour all pre-existing commitments – for example, we'll still be supporting shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

If you've won a brief and haven't received your prize yet, we'll make sure you do – don't worry. If you have any questions or concerns, drop us an email

Where are all the IdeasMag articles now? Are they still available as a resource online?

Don’t worry, the entire IdeasMag archive will continue to exist on this website after the closure of the main site on 8 July 2015. In the future the full archive will be transferred over to Hiive's site and will be clearly branded as IdeasTap.


Member data

What happened to my IdeasTap profile?

On 8 July 2015 we took down the community section of the IdeasTap website, including all user profiles. Your IdeasTap profile is now no longer accessible by anyone - including you. If you would like to sign up to Hiive, you will need to create a new profile on their site - it's a fast and simple process.

What has happened to my data now that IdeasTap has closed?

In September 2015 we will delete all records of your content and data held on our servers. Up until that point we will still send a monthly email out letting our members know about the IdeasTap-funded opportunities launching on Hiive. Please note that some of your data (name, email etc) may still exist on the database or mailing list of partner organisations whose competitions you have entered via IdeasTap. You'll need to contact these organisations separately if you no longer want them to hold any of your data. We have not given any of your data to Hiive – it is up to you to sign up to join Hiive if you would like to.

My question hasn't been answered here. Can I speak to someone directly?

Get in touch on info@ideastap.com – we will respond, however, please bear in mind that there is no longer a team running IdeasTap. Your query will be answered as soon as possible.

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